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I'm fat. Help

posted Apr 06, 2014 16:24:04 by gt1760223
I am 5'9" and I was 289lbs. I started Crossfit 5 days a week Mid Jan 2014. I went down to 248 at the beginning of March then I hit a plateau. I started taking 250mg of Test Cypionate. Didn't feel anything after a week so upped dosage to 325mg. I gained 6lbs. I was told about water gain etc. so on March 23 I started taking Arimidex 1mg every other day. I added 300mg of Masteron a week and 50mg of T3 a day. I upped the test to 500mg a week. I dropped back down to 250 (fluctuating 248 to 251) then stuck at 250 again so on March 31 I upped the T3 to 100mg a day. I also take 4 to 6 sudafed a day to get some ephederine in my system to curb my appetite.
As for diet, I am typically eating between 1,500 to 2,000 calories trying to eat Paleo so no processed foods except protein shakes. Typically I drink one worldwide pure protein shake after workout. Next 3 boiled eggs and an avocado. Next a salad, no dressing basically greens, olives, chicken breast 4-6 oz. Next a handful of nuts. Next 8 oz of Salmon with a little salt and lemon with an avocado and lettuce greens.
I know, this is not a body builder regime. I am trying to go from shopping at the fat man store to someone in good shape. It's a long journey. I took 6 inches off my waist and I still have pretty big arms and shoulders. The last month has just been like no progress that I can really see. My friends and family all tell me I am looking great (relatively speaking) but I am losing steam. I don't feel strong or full of energy. I feel weak and tired. I need a real jump start. WTF do I have to do to keep this momentum going?
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Wyatt Parrish said Apr 07, 2014 08:39:14
Give ur diet a break for a few days to a week so ur metabolism can recover from all tge dieting. I dnt think you should drop cals down less than 2000 especially since ur on gear and t3. If you over diet fat loss will stop.
BostinLoyd said Apr 07, 2014 09:49:48
keep calories higher and rely more on drugs and a bit of cardio to keep metabolism crazy
gt1760223 said Apr 07, 2014 21:52:12
Thanks guys
I thought the T3 was supposed to keep that Metabolism crazy. I guess not. So like 2000 calories?????
BostinLoyd said Apr 08, 2014 05:59:02
t3 does help ur metabolism...... start at 3000 and work down... keep cardio steady.... drugs as well
seeb9397 said May 16, 2014 09:17:26

Any results to report?

Give details please?
Tanner simpson said May 22, 2014 20:31:41
Clen goes well with T3.
Tanner simpson said May 22, 2014 20:32:54
Good luck man, keep your head up and keep moving forward. This won't happen fast but will happen if you stay dedicated.
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