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Lagging body parts

posted Apr 11, 2014 03:06:00 by Kyle
So i would like to hear some feedback from other members and bostin on what to do about lagging body parts. I'm young, been natural for 2 years, 3 weeks into 500mgs of test a week. Anyways pretty much every muscle except my chest grows like a weed as long as im eating and training hard. My arms, shoulders, traps, quads all respond extremely well to training. Ive tried many different things to bring up my chest. Isolation excersises, heavy movements, everyone always teeling me to do incline press and ive done it so many fucking times and it doesnt help. It just doesnt get bigger and i feel like my physique would look much more complete if it was proportioned. So i was thinking about hitting chest every other training day for a while. Feedback would be appreciated
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BukKao said Apr 11, 2014 20:21:00
Hey man. Idk what bostin or someone would suggest but I had the same issue with my chest and other body parts. This is my experience and what worked for ME.
I trained my chest super high volume 3x a week. I used like 20+ sets and reps of 12-15. I started with pec deck 10 sets then went to pressing movements. I did this for 1 month. Then i went back to less volume and less reps heavier weight and my chest grew drastically. It doesn't grow much during the month of high volume but as soon as you go back to higher intensity lower volume it'll blow up.
I also did this for calves and traps training 7x week 3-5 sets of 30 reps daily. Then when I went back to my normal routine they grew bigger than ever.
Again this is just what has worked for me.
BostinLoyd said Apr 12, 2014 09:01:53
shoot either all ur gear into weak body parts or start syntholing..... thats my honest advice lol...... but i do like BukKao response to this.. always try new training
Matinee said Jul 16, 2014 21:55:16
My chest was lagging and was told that my form was bad.... Basically I was using triceps & delts! I now keep my shoulder blades closer together... I've seen more improvement in 2 months than 2 years!!
BostinLoyd said Jul 18, 2014 01:15:51
ya its a big mind muscle connection
NickSkitz said Jul 20, 2014 07:40:21
Exactly what Matinee said, keep your scapulars flat on the bench and chest up. dont push with your front delts and triceps.. Try some floor presses on the smith machine to get use to isolating the chest and do not push to lock out your elbows, keep the tension on your pecks...
Train like you have a death wish....
BostinLoyd said Jul 22, 2014 00:36:31
^^^ these are great points
collinzy02 said Aug 17, 2014 00:31:00
My chest was always my most lagging body part but it's starting to change. All I do it take everything to failure, so I may do 10+ sets on the bench of 8+reps same with like decline or incline dumbbell 10+ sets 8+reps then work on isolation movements like flyes with 12+ reps and 5 sets.. It's helping me.
Cal said Sep 08, 2014 18:17:07
Try this. Perform flat bench flyes first in your routine. Take your last and heaviest set to failure but instead of putting the weight away, bring in down to your chest in a position to press it back up. Once in the top position, perform a slow negative fly, then bring the dumbells into your chest and press them to the top position again. You should be able to extend your set by 3 or 4 reps and will be fried.

Now, move on to incline flyes. Heaviest weight first set and perform in the same manner, 10 normal reps to failure, then an additional 3 to 4 negative flyes and positive presses. At this point you will need to reduce the weight by approximately 10% to achieve the same rep range on each of 3 successive sets.

Finally, go to the Incline Press Machine. Heaviest weight first, slow negatives and explosive positives. Approximately 10 to 12 reps, 4 sets, dropping the weight as necessary to achieve the desired rep range.

Remember, the weight is a means to an end, get your head in the muscle and contract and stretch. Oh, and be sure your tris and delts are fresh on chest day.
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