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Question about my cals on a cut with Tren

posted Apr 17, 2014 04:09:05 by hard
I started my cut on trt dose lost 11 lbs then added tren about 5-6 weeks ago of course upped my test to 700 i might push it up to 900 very soon but ive been leaning out & not losing any weight on tren literally haven't lost a pound in 2-weeks in a 500 cal deficit with at least 2 days of 10-15 cardio with the sprint jog routine the whole time.

Now my goal is to lose body fat not necessarily weight so my question is can i just up my cals & still lean out? Just asking as i don't want to back track my progress im making.
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BostinLoyd said Apr 17, 2014 06:17:14
keep brining calories up slowly.. until u see that ur adding fat then bring em back down.. only way to find out:)
hard said Apr 18, 2014 16:11:21
yup ima add 50mcgs of T3 too i just want to get to 8% so i can start clean bulking with the 1gram of test & 450mg tren i shouldnt lose too much muscle
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BostinLoyd said Apr 19, 2014 09:14:12
t3 works great with high test
hard said Apr 28, 2014 19:07:51
Ive boosted my test to 1200mg with the tren still at 450..
My fat loss is good at 75 mcgs of t3 (cardio down to 1 day trying to perserve as much muscle as possible) just wondering if u have ever ran higher I might go for a 100mcgs by the end of this week as the faster the cut the sooner I can start bulking
BostinLoyd said Apr 29, 2014 07:21:59
100 mcgs t3 max
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