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cutting diet advice!?

posted Apr 20, 2014 16:38:51 by RossThomson
hi guys im 20 years old been bodybuilding just over a year so still pretty new and leaning tried a few cycles nothing heavy but this year i want to strip back fat see what i have and work from there to hopefully compete in the next couple years! my body type is an endomorph and have always held fat as a kid but latley cut it down alot i weigh 100.1kg right now at 5.8 this is my diet plan so far was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as the first 3 weeks i dropped 9.7kg but have now slowed right down and want to keep driving and going i hold most of my fat around the stomach.

4-6L of water a day

meal 1- 2 scoops of whey with 25g instant oats

meal 2 - 200g of cod 5 egg whites

meal 3- 200g of chicken 25g of instant oats

meal 4- 1 can of tuna

meal 5- (pre work out) shake 2 scoops of whey, creatine

aminos intra workout

meal 6- (post work) out shake two scoops of whey

meal 7- 200g of chicken

meal 8- casein

drug wise ive been taking t3 in the morning then a second tab 12 hours later
ive been doing fasted morning cardio 5 days a week train 6 days a week and hiit cardio 4 nights a week.any help would be great cheers
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AdrianoTim said Apr 21, 2014 12:56:57
Don't you think it's too low carb bro?
With t3 you probably runing high test doses, so i think it's just too low carb!
Add some carbs post-work out at least, like maltodextrin.
You should put here your cycle, cause the food intake definatly dependes os doses e types of drugs you taking!
If you lose 9.7k in 3 weeks unless you're in something like DNP it's definatly a lean mass lose bro.
When i'm cutting i don't use too much whey, for example when i go to bed i eat 2 lean cow/chicken burgers made by me.
RossThomson said Apr 21, 2014 19:54:20
Possible still pretty unsure but just thought cut carbs as much as possible for fat loss?! Yeah I did think about waximaze? As for the cycle I'm not on any gear at all right now! Will be going on cycle in about 8-10 weeks and with the fast weight lost first 3 weeks I recon a lot of it was water weight as I was pretty bloated before hand! But yeah agree with the last meal will give that or 6 eggs whites a shot! Much appreciated bro!
BostinLoyd said Apr 22, 2014 06:30:50
if ur gunna do a no carb diet add 15 grams of fat per meal.... or else u will lose a lot of tissue
RossThomson said Apr 22, 2014 07:22:47
What fats do you recommend? Cheers
AdrianoTim said Apr 22, 2014 13:19:34
Use t3 with high test.
Oil fish and stuff are all good, i allways eat an only vegetables sope (no potato or stuff) and put some olive oil.
Other meals i add some fish oil, it works for me!
This time i will use dnp, so probably up my carbs!
Cheers bro
oliverkawwa said Apr 22, 2014 17:09:08
Personally for fats i love peanut butter and nuts.. Yeah it contains some carbs. But your as long as you ingest less than 100g carbs per day, your body stays in ketosis. The less carbs, the deeper ketosis. The small amount of carbs you get, goes straight to brain functions
RossThomson said Apr 22, 2014 19:55:53
ok cheers guys the helps much appreciated will look into throwing in some almonds and some oils! :)
BostinLoyd said Apr 23, 2014 05:20:10

olive oil
mac oil
whole eggs
Wyatt Parrish said Apr 23, 2014 13:40:09
I think you need more like 30g carbe or less for ketosis. 100g is a little much
Wyatt Parrish said Apr 23, 2014 13:41:09
And when ur in ketosis ur brain runs off ketones. Carbs would go straight to glycogen stores
LukePiatek said Apr 23, 2014 18:08:24
wyattparrish21112 -- The carbs quantity is a very individual matter depending on many factors. I can take 100g of carbs, still produce ketone bodies. Ketostix or related test methods cannot prove you are metabolically not on ketosis. Not having found excess of ketone bodies in the urine is not an indicator you are not running ketosis.
Wyatt Parrish said Apr 23, 2014 18:30:28
I can be wrong lol been wrong one other time. Just sayin what ive researched and senn the most. Your right there really isnt a good way to know epecially from crap ketostix
LukePiatek said Apr 23, 2014 20:47:45
The main issue with ketostix is it does not indicate whether you are on ketosis at certain circumstances as it tells you whether you have an excess of ketone bodies from previous night excreted or not. Regardless, ketogenic diet is fantastic for many other reasons.
oliverkawwa said Apr 23, 2014 22:25:54
Yeah i personally strive for 30g carbs or less per day on keto. But try reading Lyle Mcdonald "The Ketogenic diet"

Quote:"In a non-ketotic state, the brain utilizes roughly 100 grams of glucose per day (5,25). This means that any diet which contains less than 100 grams of carbohydrate per day will induce ketosis, the depth of which will depend on how many carbohydrates are consumed (i.e. less carbohydrates will mean deeper ketosis)."

The brain is one of the only tissues in the body that will still need glucose to work. Sp like you said. Less carbs, deeper ketosis :)
mchief101 said Apr 26, 2014 03:53:55
its finals week. here is tip for u guys...dont take adderal and keto diet haha i feel like i dnt even lift XD
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