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Keto diet what to expect

posted Apr 28, 2014 19:56:10 by mfc2atjax
I'm planning on starting the Keto diet Monday per Bostin's suggestion. I am currently at 227 pounds and plateuing at that weight. My goal is 190 then build muscle from that foundation. Has anyone dropped a good amount of weight on this diet?
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BostinLoyd said Apr 29, 2014 07:21:31
fuck ya works amazing... the first few weeks u will look worse.. flat and fat.. dont let it get to ur head tho
MichaelCastleberry said Apr 29, 2014 07:59:08
Bostin im at 226 not 250 or 200 right in between which on should i go with 200 pound man or 250 man i also have read to do it for 12 weeks?
BostinLoyd said Apr 30, 2014 05:18:05
i dont understand ur question man can u explain again?
mfc2atjax said Apr 30, 2014 12:19:00
there is a plan for a 250 pound man and 200 pound man on the diet. im at 226 pounds . which plan should i go on ?
AdrianoTim said Apr 30, 2014 16:42:10
Bostin you think KETO works good with DNP?
Kinda afraid loosing lean mass combining both!

DavidHood said Apr 30, 2014 23:50:24
Keto and T3 together a bad idea if running 1g of test?
mchief101 said May 01, 2014 04:30:47
bostin u have any outline for a low fat high carb diet???
BostinLoyd said May 01, 2014 05:35:17
go on the 250 lb man one.. then when weight plateus go to the 200 lb man plan:)
BostinLoyd said May 01, 2014 05:35:41
just google dave palumbo keto diet guys
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