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Tricks to digest food faster?

posted Apr 29, 2014 19:32:59 by Tanner simpson
What do you guys do to get your food digested faster so you can eat another meal sooner?
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BostinLoyd said Apr 30, 2014 05:19:48
try engorge by xero limits..... and do digits enzymes pre and post meal
Zirk said May 08, 2014 19:39:52
Pineapple is supposed to help too. Cheaper option
ChadL said Jul 02, 2014 19:19:47
Pineapple does contain protease. Which is why you can't make pineapple jello. Only downside is all the sugar from the fruit. Tasty shit though :-).
apietrarosso said Jul 03, 2014 15:55:56
Cardio, as bostin says in one of his publicly released videos. I've noticed it myself. I sit on a forklift at work and burn like zero calories and it's getting increasingly harder to keep pumping myself with food even though I train hard. If I get up and move around a lot it's almost like magic
BostinLoyd said Jul 05, 2014 06:43:31
if u dont do anything all day for work cardio is very necessary lol
Gabriel_Seth said Jul 10, 2014 16:44:30
You ever use that engorge?
BostinLoyd said Jul 11, 2014 07:01:18
i have once.. its good but when I'm toxic nothing works
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