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posted May 01, 2014 14:28:54 by JamesMcGowan

im 187 pounds (85kg) @ 169cm or 5.5 tall and this is what im currently eating to gain.

Meal 1
200g grilled chicken breast
2 whole omega 3 eggs
1 tbs flaxseed oil
150g of oats measured raw
1 cup of blueberries

Meal 2
200g lean red meat (using heartsmart beef mince)
225g sweet potato
1/2 can red kidney beans
45g carbs, 10g fat, 45g protein = 452 calories

Meal 3
225g barramundi (white fish)
200g brown rice
1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil

Meal 4
200g kangaroo steak
225g sweet potato
1/2 red kidney beans
a piece of fruit generally a bannana


Meal 5
60g of WPI (using international WPI)
100g white rice measured raw

Meal 6
200g grilled chicken breast
200g brown rice
1tbs flaxseed oil

basically from experienced guys do you believe this is enough food to gain more size? i do gain fat fairly easily but my weight is somewhat standing still...if i was to add food what would i add?

gear: 1g test e 400mg deca been on 3 weeks, just about to start 4iu hgh in the next two days. no slin. i was cruising on low test before i started between cycles...whatever the word is

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JamesMcGowan said May 01, 2014 14:29:45
i uploaded an image just to show where im at...btw the calorie count is approx 4200cals
BostinLoyd said May 02, 2014 05:45:33
diet looks decent how many oz is 200 grams chicken tho?
JamesMcGowan said May 02, 2014 12:42:39
its about 7oz just over. this is measured when the meat is raw as well.

i want to get over 200pounds but i dont want to get sloppy. i guess im asking what the best thing is to add at this point.

also on off days i dont have the shake and rice

thanks man
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BostinLoyd said May 03, 2014 08:11:32
always measure ur chicken after its cooked never before... ur not getting near enough protein in.. do 8 oz cooked chicken....
said Aug 13, 2014 06:10:45
How many grams of carbs you eating James?
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