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Keto cheat meal guidelines

posted May 03, 2014 15:41:35 by Mark
Hey Bostin, loving the forum bro, my question is what are your guideliness regarding cheat meals on a keto diet, how much carbs etc, should it just be 1 meal or spread over a day, also cheat meal frequency as I've heard you don't require any cheat meals until you are under 15%bf, can you confirm or squash these rumors? I'm 211lbs and 16%bf looking to get below 10%
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oliverkawwa said May 03, 2014 19:34:28
I usually go Very high carbs on "Cheatdays" If you are doing keto, instead of cheat, i would call them carbs days. Your primary goal is to carb up.. So you shouldn't eat much greasy food, since you wanna keep fast low/moderate on this day. My main carb source for the day is oatmeal with raisins. And then i will have some ice cream, cake, or other things that include fats and sugar... Keep in mind this is not to get in contest shape. Never been that low lol.. Bit it would be great to get boostins take on this, since there is a lot of different approaches
Mark said May 03, 2014 19:42:55
Thanks for the info bro.
BostinLoyd said May 04, 2014 04:37:49
keep cheat meal once a week on ur weak body part day u train... have a double cheeseburger large fries and a diet coke.. this is by far the best reefed u can have on a keto diet
Mark said May 04, 2014 07:45:50
Sweet thanks Bostin, keeping it simple.
Joe Raineri said May 07, 2014 00:41:16
Bostin can u explain why this is the best? I've read try and do 400 g of carbs with trace fat and protein, just curious
mfc2atjax said May 07, 2014 14:57:34
I have noticed on the Keto diet I seem to sweat more often is this normal?
BostinLoyd said May 08, 2014 02:35:43
its because its very simple and ur not overdoing it.. theirs adequate carbs fats and protein.... not enough to hinder fat loss
BostinLoyd said May 08, 2014 02:36:11
u sweat more cause ur metabolism is higher nothing to do with a keto diet
Mark said May 08, 2014 07:04:16
Bostin if you're cutting with keto, on training days would you recommend carbs pre and post w/o to help with training, or stick to strict low carb all day?
BostinLoyd said May 09, 2014 17:27:19
keto is 0 carbs so ur having no carbs at all.. carbs around workouts will take u out of keto
oliverkawwa said May 09, 2014 19:15:10
Bostin. Are you doing truly keto when you prep for a show? or only for the last few weeks. I'm dieting now and get around 12-15g carbs a day from the peanut butter i throw in my shakes. I know it's not zero carbs. But it's working.
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BostinLoyd said May 10, 2014 16:34:26
for contra i did keto every other day.... then on the odd days i added 90 grams of carbs.... so basically no carbs,90 carbs, no carbs, 90 carbs....repeat
Joe Raineri said May 10, 2014 16:35:58
U think that's better than just straight keto all the way thru?
oliverkawwa said May 10, 2014 21:49:29
Am i right Bostin if for pure fatloss/Muscle retention is best to go full keto for 7-14 days in a row, and then "reefed"?
And if you wanna grow into a show like you did for the contra costra, you need carbs in order to grow?
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BostinLoyd said May 12, 2014 01:11:37
some ppl need full keto it all depends.....i refeed every week.. never go a full 2 weeks with no cheats on keto... i didn't grow much into contra lol.. started at 265 competed at 210
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