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posted May 14, 2014 09:40:27 by superstar69elmo
Just curious, how much do you guys spend on gear in a year? Does it get expensive. Guys that compete and guys that dont.
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BostinLoyd said May 14, 2014 17:11:30
at least 5-10 g id say
BostinLoyd said May 14, 2014 17:11:56
pros probably 150 g cause its all pharm and very pricy
superstar69elmo said May 14, 2014 17:50:06
Is there such thing as a budget on gear for those of us who dont compete just want to look good?! Hahaha shit Cray mane!!
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Tanner simpson said May 14, 2014 19:05:53
Just buy what you can afford. On any amount you will probably still look better than the average assuming your diet and training is in check
BostinLoyd said May 16, 2014 00:50:25
ya man just stay inside ur budget dont go broke buying gear lol
TomCooze said Apr 21, 2015 14:08:45
£70 a week when I'm cutting that's just for test tren clean and arimidex
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