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max fatloss per week

posted May 22, 2014 17:05:48 by quads666
whats the max fatloss per week you can lose without supplments and how would you set up diet and cardio
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NickCotton said May 22, 2014 18:02:06
Supplements meaning gear?
Kvilla94 said May 22, 2014 18:22:04
It depends on your bf % man 2pounds is usually a good route I did ask this question a whole ago cutting on gear I think the thread was called
NickCotton said May 22, 2014 18:27:32
Someone on gear can lose fat quicker than a natty without losing as much muscle is why I asked
Kvilla94 said May 27, 2014 01:35:36
Yea there is no exact amount you need to just take it by mirror an gym
BostinLoyd said May 27, 2014 04:24:20
it really all depends on the person
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