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Proper diet

posted May 29, 2014 17:29:07 by Jmorbs
My diet has always been an issue and I'm trying to figure out the right portions and amounts of food I should b eating. Right now meal 1 is usually 3 eggs and cup of oats. Meal two is 8 oz protein 1 cup carb 1 cup vegetable. An it's the same for meals 3 and 4 and I also throw a protein shake in there depending on when I train. I want my body fat to go down cause I'm around 18% but also want to be eating enough to make gains. Hope someone can help.
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Tanner simpson said May 29, 2014 19:11:48
it looks good other then you need about 20g of healthy fats per meal. Other then first meal because the eggs have plenty.
Use macadamia nut oil, olive oil, any nuts
BostinLoyd said May 30, 2014 05:00:32
gotta add more fats with meals and u need more then 3 eggs lol!!!
Jmorbs said May 30, 2014 15:22:39
Breakfast is always a hard meal for me cause I go to the gym at 6am then eat right after and I hate eating in the morning. And is it better to take in fat from foods like nuts or get some type of supplement to add in
BostinLoyd said May 31, 2014 22:15:13
dude u gotta eat before u train in the morning.. working out on a empty stomach is pointless
Jmorbs said Jun 01, 2014 03:29:59
So wat would b a solid meal before I train that early? Cup of oats and eggs?
bugsfix said Jun 01, 2014 20:03:33
Whey isolate, oats, nuts...
Whole eggs/egg whites, oatmeal.

You can have any high quality source of protein if you can stomach it, chicken, beef, turkey etc and a whole food carb source. Oats, cream of wheat/rice, potatoes, low GI fruits like berries (even though adding enough fats would slow down the digestion anyway), brown rice etc.

If you are not having a "fatty" protein source like whole eggs, beef etc, get your fats from nuts, oils etc.

It's easy man, just need to find something that is easy to make (maybe even the night before), digests well for your body, and allows you enough time between consumption and training to be effective.
BostinLoyd said Jun 03, 2014 00:07:39
oats and eggs are great!!!
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