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What's a good diet for body fat loss

posted Jun 02, 2014 15:29:44 by NickMunk
I'm natural for now but want to cut my body fat percentage down from 16% what kind of diet should I follow that will help me not lose a lot of muscle mass?
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BostinLoyd said Jun 03, 2014 00:08:53
theirs lots of diff diets u can follow.... i prefer a high protein mod fat low carb.... 50 pro 15 fat and 30 carbs for first 3-4 meals then no carbs last few meals.. go to bed depleted and do some am cardio:)
mfc2atjax said Jun 05, 2014 20:11:49
Hey Bostin I know this is a dumb question how is it you measure carbs etc?
BostinLoyd said Jun 06, 2014 03:10:17
what type of carb are u using... 30 carbs is 3/4 cup brown rice cooked approximately
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