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Diet/lifestyle tips

posted Jun 09, 2014 14:12:24 by ctd03
Hey guys, i think it would be cool if we could give each othet tips on what helps you stay consistent on yout diet. It would help to encourage everyone and maybe you will learn a new trip yourself in the process.......
-tips for preparing meals (keeping fresh)
-favorite seasoning and with what meat source?
-preping meal tricks
-condiments that help you choke down boring food?
-how to stay motivated
-what foods have you found you can eat cold?

Anything that you have learned that you think others might benefit from.......cheers!
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ctd03 said Jun 09, 2014 14:45:32
I like mixing my protein wit carbmaster nonfat milk. Tastes like skim milk but only 3 carbs and 11grams protein per glass. Just cause if your like me and started off drinkin shakes with milk you cant really beat the taste. Mixin with water just isint the same. Haha.
oliverkawwa said Jun 09, 2014 20:32:16
Soy sauce is always great! Obviously for rice, but also cooking.

I like to fry mixed veggies and steak i've cut in smaller pieces in a pan with some mac oil and soy sauce. It's simple, healthy, and tasty
ctd03 said Jun 09, 2014 23:31:46
Molly mcbutter cheddar helps me choke down egg whites every morning. Just a lil sodium. Stole that off watching big Ronnie prep his food. I never enjoyed using salsa on eggs like most.
BostinLoyd said Jun 10, 2014 02:52:31
this is y i hate traveling i can do everything from my house no cold food lol
ctd03 said Jun 10, 2014 03:13:25
Any tricks or tips bostin on how you stay on diet daily?
ctd03 said Jun 10, 2014 03:14:31
The part I struggle with the most is traveling for work and having to eat dry cold chicken sux.
BostinLoyd said Jun 11, 2014 04:48:49
i stay at home all day man... if i was to travel id stress and i wouldn't be able to do it
ChadL said Jun 20, 2014 12:44:52
I used to travel (by air) every other week. It's tough to eat consistently good/clean when "on the road". Depending on what part of the country you travel to you may have more options. I used to travel to southern cali all the time and stayed in the same hotel. This allowed me to get familiar with local stores, and restaurants that had the kind of meals I was looking for. Had the Whole Foods app on my phone so I could find a Whole Foods where ever I was. That helped me quite a bit.
BostinLoyd said Jun 22, 2014 20:24:29
have u ever stayed at a extended stay? they got a full kitchen n shit its awesome
daci_dc said Jun 23, 2014 04:55:21
I think this Rich Piana's video might show you how to keep your diet on to go.
Not to many details but enough to make you understand that if you know what to do definitely it can be done
TomCooze said Jun 05, 2015 00:22:00
Low sugar peri peri marinade... Put this in your Tupperware of cut up chicken and veg shake it up and it's as good as cold food gets
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