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Diet with cycle

posted Jun 18, 2014 17:39:47 by MLGWrath
Watsup Bostin,

I'm running 1g Test Cyp, 900mgs EQ per week with 25mgs Aromasin EOD.

5/11 and a semi-soft 228lbs majority of my softness is around my waiste and stomach.

Currently my diet is around 200g protein/ 130g fats and my only carbs come from peanut butter or almonds so I would say zero carbs since I don't have a solid carb source. I get a cheat meal in once a week usually on weekends. and doing cardio 4-5 times a week of 30mins stairmaster per session.

Looking really flat right now but I'm hoping im on the right path. Looking to get really grainy shredded look and bring in striations. hopefully in a few weeks I will have some t3 and clen that I would add in. I also have some winstrol that im going to start in a few weeks and run it 100mgs/day for 4 weeks. or would you do 50mgs/day for 8 weeks?
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Gank said Jun 18, 2014 22:05:08
need more food dude more protein, some carbs!
MLGWrath said Jun 18, 2014 23:58:17
I'm already around 230lbs trying to loose weight, keeping my carbs as low as possible with high healthy fats and protein around 220gs with total cals in the 2300 region.

I'm going for maximum fat loss without a drastic restriction in calories or over power in cardio, hoping to let the drugs do majority of the work with a clean diet with the above macros as well as moderate cardio.

From my readings on this board and working with bostin in the past this seems to be the proper approach. I was just seeing if Bostin had any final inputs on top of what im already doing.

I'm not necessary trying to gain anymore weight, I bulked with bostin and put on a good 40-50lbs over the last year, I just need to tighten up.

I've always had greater results with low to zero carb approach, i puff up on carbs, im a natural easy gain endomoprh, easy for me to put it on extremly diffcult to loose it.
BostinLoyd said Jun 19, 2014 04:18:20
holy shit man u need at least 300 grams protein and 20 grams fat per meal at that weight on a keto diet like that.. not enough food
MLGWrath said Jun 19, 2014 07:52:34
Thanks for the input bostin. I re-did some math and macros based off what you said.

2380 kcal Daily Calorie Intake
25 g Carbohydrates (4%, 100 kcal)
300 g Protein (50%, 1200 kcal)
120 g Fat (46%, 1080 kcal)

Pretty much 50/50 of total cals between protein and fat. Do those numbers look better for this cut?
BostinLoyd said Jun 20, 2014 00:36:25
thats great for a keto diet yessir.....
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