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Diet on First Cycle of 500mg Testosterone Cypionate?

posted Jun 20, 2014 15:35:23 by Nick
I have a very fast metabolism and am trying to gain as much mass as possible. I am currently 159 lbs 5 ft 8, 12% bodyfat. I have always been skinny and trying to put on at least 30 lbs on my first cycle. My maintenance caloric intake is 3000 calories, and am aiming for ~4000 calories a day on cycle.


5 eggs + 1 slice of american cheese, 2 pieces of toast, 2 tbsp Peanut butter


8 oz tilapia, 2 cups of rice, 2 tbsp Olive oil, 1.5 servings of mixed nuts


9 oz chicken breast, 2 cups of rice, 2 tbsp Olive Oil, green beans

Snack before bed:

20 oz whole milk, 1 scoop Syntha 6 whey, 4 tbsp Peanut Butter


Total calories- 3946
Total fat - 200.7g
Total carbs - 280.9g
Total protein 254g

Yes its high fat, any suggestions?
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Gank said Jun 20, 2014 22:19:41
more carbs i ectomorph too id do 250p 500c 150f ya maintence figures are prolly for nattys. eat all u can really if u a hardgainer cos the test will make u burn off more than u would normally
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Joeheman said Jun 21, 2014 09:39:06
Hope don't mind but your totals didn't look right so quickly added them up 3,619 cals 284 carbs 185 fat 236 protein.

You're eating 300 cals less than you think. Have to agree with haz bumping up carbs add in a extra meal get yourself over 4k cals if still not putting on add more.
BostinLoyd said Jun 22, 2014 20:30:51
ur only having 4 meals man... id worry more bat mirror and unitizing ur post workout window etc... for a guy like u id even add a intra workout shake into the mix..... but u def needa eat cleaner foods and more consistently... get the toast, sytha 6 and cheese out of the diet lol.. fill it with better quality foods
Gank said Jun 22, 2014 20:33:32
lol sytha6 waste money bsn biggest rip off supplement company out there just buy whey and add your own dextrose ;)
BostinLoyd said Jun 22, 2014 20:43:56
ya bsn is a huge scam all their products lol
Gank said Jun 22, 2014 20:53:43
i remember when i was natty and i bought no-xlode thought i was gonna be beast like ronnie coleman on front packaging :D stuff didnt do shit! didnt even get caffeine jitters lol

my gym tried to sell me a bag of 5kg ON Gold for £110 ($190) when i first joined and im like mate i can buy it online from bulkpowders for 55 quid and he swears id get better results with the ON..i aint paying for there advertising worldwide lol
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Nick said Jun 24, 2014 00:38:35
Ok how about this diet:

Breakfast -

5 eggs, 2 rice cakes, greek yogurt

Lunch -

8 oz tilapia, 2 cups rice, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1.5 servings mixed nuts

Snack -

Gatorade + 2 scoops whey

Dinner -

9 oz chicken breast, 2 cups rice, 2 tbsp olive oil, green beans

Workout -

Intraworkout creatine monohydrate + 1 scoop whey

Post Workout -

8 oz tilapia, 1 scoop whey, 2 scoops waxy maize, 4 tbsp peanut butter

BostinLoyd said Jun 24, 2014 04:18:33
for a bulking diet this is decent....... more protein in the am tho.. drop the damn yogurt lol no dairy
Andrew Johnson said Jun 25, 2014 14:30:35
What's the issue with dairy? Whey is technically dairy right?
BostinLoyd said Jun 26, 2014 18:33:18
i would not consider whey iso dairy.... it bloats and fucks with digeestion
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