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Calorie deficit while cutting?

posted Jun 24, 2014 18:06:10 by Mark
Hi Guys

I will be running clen and t3 along with AAS. What is the maximum calorie deficit you guys would recommend to maximise fat loss while maintaining as much muscle as possible?

Thanks in advance
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BostinLoyd said Jun 25, 2014 06:34:26
u sound like a iifymer lol!!! i work with the body and meal timing and creating a furnace man... not really into calorie counting or deficits
Mark said Jun 25, 2014 18:05:10
Even leading up to a show? I thought calorie counting would be part of any competing bodybuilders prep? May need to hire you :)
BostinLoyd said Jun 26, 2014 18:33:52
lol no man i dont count cals.... its all timing and food portions and working with the metabolism
Wyatt Parrish said Jun 27, 2014 00:30:15
You should do a video on that along with cutting drugs like clen n t3
BostinLoyd said Jun 28, 2014 07:17:07
did u see my video about digestion? thats pretty similar
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