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diet and cardio

posted Jun 24, 2014 21:06:44 by Wyatt Parrish
Im on test cyp.500mg a wk. Tren ace 400mg wk. Eq 600mg a wk. Clen 40mcg a day. 50 mcg t3 a day. Diets is about 2200 cals a day pro 220g fat 100g and carbs 80-120.
I am 6' 225lb and prolly 18% bf.

I take clen upon waking at.40mcg. I work outside most of the day and my heart rate is about 110 while not doing much. Once im walkin around or lifting things ot goes up to 140 for awhile. So how much cardio a day should i do if any...been tryin for 20-30min a day 5 timez a week. Feel weak all day at work as well... Second week on cycle also.
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BostinLoyd said Jun 25, 2014 06:33:27
do 30 min everyday.. either before bfast or post workout..... ur protein needs to be way higher man.....
Wyatt Parrish said Jun 25, 2014 07:50:50
Ok thx
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