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What are your favourite quick meals

posted Jun 25, 2014 20:59:12 by apathy935
As the title says what are your favourite meals?
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Wyatt Parrish said Jun 25, 2014 22:30:35
Canned tuna or canned chicken with mayo amd with ritz
BostinLoyd said Jun 26, 2014 18:35:16
shake with nuts lol
tangosauce said Jul 03, 2014 03:47:10
vanilla sludge with blueberries
GeorgeTubbyThomson said Jul 03, 2014 12:19:24
Natural Fat Free Yoghurt(mixed with sugar free jelly powder), with pine or cashew nuts.
apietrarosso said Jul 03, 2014 15:48:55
Oatmeal in my protein shake and peanut butter. My ultimate traveling meal. A bag of spinach is easy to much on too
Gabriel_Seth said Jul 03, 2014 19:34:20
Chobani - Greek Yogurt - Non-fat 0% - Plain, 8 oz (225 g) 130cal 11carb 0fat 22protein
HERSHEY'S Cocoa Natural Unsweetened 1TBSp 10cal
Stevita Simply Stevia put into salt shaker couple shakes
Add water mix till its pudding.
Kvilla94 said Jul 04, 2014 14:38:48
Whopper from Burger King ;)
BostinLoyd said Jul 05, 2014 06:45:24
ariella eats hella whoppers lately lmfao
Kvilla94 said Jul 05, 2014 15:26:15
iifym lmfao!!!!
Danozolol said Jul 16, 2014 23:48:16
If I'm out and havnt got a meal I go to the super market and get shaved turky breast
An avocado and some rice cakes! Always goes down well
Love to train, eat, rest and sleep, ifbb men's physique competitor, Australian! Looking forward to talking bodybuilding, cycles, training and diet with you all..!!👍
Tanner simpson said Jul 22, 2014 19:21:37
Mc donalds $1 burgers (4 of them) lol
Tdawg said Jul 27, 2014 18:59:09
Piece of chicken breast
The one and only
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