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Is My Test Working Already or Is It All In My Head?

posted Jul 01, 2014 00:04:01 by Nick
I did my first ever injection of test c yesterday morning. and all day today, I've been extra hungry. I ate lunch and 2 hours later I was starving again. Does it kick in that fast or was it just a weird day where I was hungry?
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Joeheman said Jul 01, 2014 15:25:35
You will fill it after a day. It's half life (where the level will drop to half of the original level) is approx 6 days give or take a day and other variants from person to person.
Tanner simpson said Jul 01, 2014 21:46:25
14 days is the half life
BostinLoyd said Jul 02, 2014 02:17:37
if its ur first cycle it could def be possible.. u won't see any gains till 2-4 weeks in tho.. mainly fullness and recovery
Wyatt Parrish said Jul 03, 2014 01:43:26
Every blast i start within a week my hunger gets crazy even on orals or tren
luv2liftnjuice said Jul 04, 2014 03:39:32
When I first started I had insane hunger within the first week. I was using Sus-250 though.
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