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Keto Diet

posted Jul 01, 2014 00:41:39 by ZackMonawar
Sup everyone, used to follow IIFYM & it worked great, but now I'm taking everything to the next level. Still natty, (not opposed to gear just not the right time for me yet). Stats are 175 8% bf, wanna lean out and get bigger. Macros are roughly 350 pro, 140 fat, under 50 carb. Thoughts and advice would be appreciated, thanks.
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BostinLoyd said Jul 02, 2014 02:16:10
not really a fan of keto for naturals man... but these macros look decent for a natural guy doing keto
ZackMonawar said Jul 02, 2014 15:21:34
What are a few tricks that I can do to lean out while putting on size as a natty? Also what's your take on liquid nutrition vs solid food?
BostinLoyd said Jul 03, 2014 04:33:24
fats and carbs all in place... cut carbs first but never go zero of each... do more cardio and rely more on meal timing and creating a furnace.. if u cut either macro ur bound to lose a lot of size
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