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Building muscle and losing fat

posted Jul 04, 2014 14:42:10 by Kvilla94
Now I know this is possible with chemicals. My question is how would I go about minipulating my diet like would I just do carbs around my workout and increase fat in other meals? Also if I'm running test E at 700 what is the lowest dose of tren I could run? I kinda wanna try it and see how my body reacts to it?
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oliverkawwa said Jul 04, 2014 19:15:20
It all depends. But look at it this way. The steroids itself will not burn fat. Your BF% will get lower, when you gain lean body mass. If you are fat, you need to cut weight first. But if you are relatively lean, steroids can help you recomp your body
Wyatt Parrish said Jul 04, 2014 20:35:25
Start off tren ace 300mg a wk...75mg eod
BostinLoyd said Jul 05, 2014 06:44:45
700 test and 300 tren... and diet ur completely right... carbs only around workouts and fats higher throughout day
Kvilla94 said Jul 05, 2014 15:27:44

Kvilla94 said Jul 05, 2014 15:32:07
Obviously no where close to where I wanna be but I wanna get on stage before 22 it's always been a dream of mine and watching bostins videos I don't think this is any reason for me to go straight out bulk so If I was looking to build muscle an loose fat would. At the end of day my "macros" end up being 108f 195c and 315p how does it look. Also I feel I should forsure run caber and adex since I'm like 100% sure I'm gonna get more gyno. I was a fat kid really fat so I kinda already had it
Kvilla94 said Jul 05, 2014 20:55:13
And also what would I do on days I don't workout?
Wyatt Parrish said Jul 07, 2014 00:57:43
Def run adex. Drop carbs down closer to 100 and up fats closer to 130. Get ur cardio in and take days off as u feel needed. Run t3 and clen if you can amd you will lean out in no time. My diet isnt 100% on spot and i still lose fat. I always do cardio tho
BostinLoyd said Jul 07, 2014 01:13:48
ya man diet down.. u dont wanna bulk u will just get softer and softer... its all about creating a furnace
Kvilla94 said Jul 07, 2014 01:43:16
Planned on running anavar after I finish Superdrol what would you suggest for dose?
Gabriel_Seth said Jul 07, 2014 20:59:36
How tall are you?
How old are you?
How much do you weigh now?
Kvilla94 said Jul 07, 2014 21:58:55
5'9 20 and 185
Gabriel_Seth said Jul 07, 2014 22:21:46
This information is for cutting naturally like myself. I was 225 fat as fuck and now im 156/158 in 6months. My goal was 2lbs of fat a week. 1 lb from eating less and 1 lb from exercise. I used no AAS just ate less and worked out. Now i am here because I wished to find out about clen because I plat-owed and want to get shredded and needed a boost.
Step 1: Calculate your BMI
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Weight: 185 pounds
Your BMI is 27.3, indicating your weight is in the Overweight category for adults of your height.
For your height, a normal weight range would be from 125 to 169 pounds.

Notes: what I did for myself and buddys was take 9lbs off the max lbs listed if you want less stomach fat and chest fat for me that would mean at 150lbs which im 156/158 I should be more content. So for you 160lbs is a good start.

Step 2: Calculate Calories

Using the Weight you wish to get to 160 lbs you plug into calorie calculator based on Basal Metabolic Rate "BMR" aka how many calories you would burn if you layed unconscious in bed 24hrs. This way your not factoring in gym time or walking around.
Your BMR = 1726 Calories/day to achieve 160lbs by simply eating less

Step 3: Math & Cardio Exercise
1.) 1 lb of Fat is 3,500 Calories
2.) Going to myfitnesspal and setting up a account with goal to loose 1lb a week and saying your 100% inactive will give you a calorie amount around 1726. DO Not use myfitnesspal phone app. Connect into the normal website browser so you can change your macros.
3.) What your doing is your eating about 500calories less each day to equal 3500. 7 Days x 500cal = 3500
4.) You need to do 1hr of cardio a day 2 best ways 15% max treadmill incline and 3.0mph or Elliptical 4.8-5.5mph because your fairly fat and running will be bad on your knees and ankle. I went through this personally.
5.) The Average for both these is 10cal a min 60 mins = 600calories. Its not exact so you need to underestimate and say your only loosing 500calories a hr.

Eating Less 500cal day x7 = 3500
Cardio 1hr 500cal day x7 = 3500
~Around 2 lbs a week~

I would think using AAS will just reduce muscle loss during this cut for you but the math for loosing fat should be around the same unless you factor in unknowns such as T3 or Clen. Salt water weight and cardio alone will help detox you and drop lbs lean u out "puffyness" I would suggest Green tea daily before cardio either as drink or pills with standardized 90% polyphenols, toxins can reduce weight loss and sweating it out can help a ton.

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Gabriel_Seth said Jul 07, 2014 22:41:04
Oh ya and I made no gains till separated cardio from weight lifting. workdays Fasted Cardio in morning weight lifting at night.
30-40mins Cardio Morning Fasted
Home rest 1hr
20mins cardio Unless Leg day then Weight lift

Fasted Cardio melted fat off insane no preworkouts or anything that give you insulin response including protein a 7-Keto pill, Forskolin pill, maybe a yohimbine pill, green tea pill, and absolute best 1/8th scoop of cayenne pepper quickly chugged water after that gives you literally 5-8 extra heart beats per min.
BostinLoyd said Jul 09, 2014 05:59:19
get on some test man fuck the var.....
Kvilla94 said Jul 10, 2014 17:53:18
Would you add more carbs on a quad and calf day I usually do a cheat meal after hams and calfs cause those are lagging
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