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Whats More Important, 2 Extra Hours of Sleep or 1 Extra Meal

posted Jul 09, 2014 02:42:48 by Nick
Lets say you were at maintenance calories and had 1 meal left but it was 1am and you had to get up at 7am. You just ate at 11pm and aren't hungry, so you wait 1 hour and eat at 2am, then go to bed at 3. 4 hours of sleep and an extra meal vs 6 hours
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BostinLoyd said Jul 09, 2014 06:02:26
go to bed man lol... rest is just as important
Wyatt Parrish said Jul 09, 2014 20:56:24
Or squeeze ur meals in before then by eating sooner between meals
Gabriel_Seth said Jul 09, 2014 21:15:30
Set your phone alarms to remind you to eat paced out the day. Mt Samsung S3 lets me make infinite alarms and name them. I got them setup for Clen timing, work, waking up, eating, bed time, all kinds of shit. Calender has alarms too if you wana remember to do teeth whitening etc.
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