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HGH frag

posted Jul 11, 2014 21:45:02 by Matinee
Found this online by "steeply"

HGH Frag is generally considered quite expensive when put in context with its dose and how long the vial will last you.

Generally the dose is 250mcg - 500mcg depending on your size (and budget allowances), considering that vials come in 2mg sizes you are getting 4 - 8 doses.

HGH Frag works by releasing stored fat (Free Fatty Acids - FFA) into the blood for usage as energy.

This means eating before or after is a big NO NO. You must be in a FASTED state. It is the Free Fatty Acids released that you want the body to burn. If you ingest any sort of calories the body will use those as fuel instead.

You must also ensure that you actually do something to burn the FFA, its pointless taking it and doing little, all that will happen then is the FFA will re-populate themselves around the body.

It takes around 30mins-1 hr for the FFA to be released into your blood stream, but the effect lasts for 3 hrs (so do not eat within this time).

A good Fat burning protocol would be for example :-
07:00 - Take 250mcg, Drink Water, Drink Black Coffee/Green Tea (or take caffeine/ECGC)
08:00 - Cardio (steady state is best to burn FFA)

NOTE, it is not necessary to take protein/BCAA before fasted cardio, the body using FFA as fuel is anti-catabolic itself (and its not technically fasted cardio if you consume BCAA/protein anyway)

After cardio do NOT relax or sit down, the fat burning effect is continued for several hours, it would make sense to carry on activities (walk your dog, hoover your house, something, anything !!).

If you wish to have a complete fat burning day you take another 250mcg after 10am and continue exercise/activities.

Depending on your goals/lifestyle and how much you take in 1 day (must be a gap of 3hrs), you can then start eating.

People who have adopted a Leangains/Intermittent fasting/alternate day fasting protocol will gain immense benefit from it.

The most important thing to remember, its easy enough to release the FFA by taking it, but you must burn those FFA by exercise/activities and not eating or its a waste (and quite an expensive one at that).

What's your take on that Bostin just for fat loss?
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BostinLoyd said Jul 13, 2014 20:39:01
i just started using this with my gh before am cardio.. ill let u know.... i literally just started...... I'm a guinea pig
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