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do you have to get sore to grow and ck/creatine kinise

posted Jul 21, 2014 10:05:30 by Jacksonadam16
do you have to get sore the day after training to grow muscle
if cretine kinase is too high does that mean you are catabolic.its muscle breakdown or muscle damage markers
my blood test for creatine kinase was 2045 and the normal range is bettwen 200-300 i understand that it should be higher for a bodybuilder but is it to high where its harder for you body to recover and puts you in a catabolic state
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BostinLoyd said Jul 22, 2014 00:38:48
dude mine was way higher then that.. its completely normal.. and u should be def getting a little bit sore man.. if u always change ur workouts up u will get sore
Jacksonadam16 said Jul 23, 2014 11:53:30
how high was yours.
it is catabolic and i know you have to be some what catabolic to be anabolic.but is it too catabolic
i think that its abit to high though and it affects growth
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