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meal before training

posted Jul 25, 2014 20:59:27 by koryjames
I am on a recomp diet, I go to the gym at about 5-530 pm and have a shake at about 3-330 pm before the gym. My first meal starts at 5 am so my 6 meals are spread about ever 3 hours throughout the day. My question is I know I am supposed to eat an hour before I lify but will a shake be sufficient since my last food meal doesn't hit till around 8-830?
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Tanner simpson said Jul 25, 2014 21:14:48
Sure will. gets some good fats in that shake. either mix peanut or almond butter in it, or eat nuts. get 40 to 50 grams of carbs from oats or a carb powder.
koryjames said Jul 25, 2014 21:18:03
Thanks man, what's a good all natural peanut butter ?
Tanner simpson said Jul 25, 2014 21:19:31
yep, but look at the back and make sure the ingredients are just peanuts because a lot say all natural but have a ton of other shit in there. If your are bulking you don't need to be too picky about it tho.
koryjames said Jul 25, 2014 21:22:22
Cool thanks man
Tanner simpson said Jul 25, 2014 21:25:52
tangosauce said Jul 27, 2014 02:25:52
If you're looking into natural butters Manbake has some quality stuff, but it's pretty expensive compared to other brands. Not bad on price if it's like a tablespoon or two post-workout. Most of the time I just use the Skippy Natural which is far from natural haha.
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