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Lower back issue

posted Jul 26, 2014 13:04:26 by Richard
anyone have any tips on lower back issue?

my back only hurt sometimes. i injuried my back on deadlift like half a year ago.
so i gave up deadlift and only did some lower back raises with 45 pound weight.
i can still squat heavy.

anyways. like when i go to sleep my back hurt when laying straight so i have to sleep on the side.
sometimes it's hard to even put clothes on.

any suggestions??
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Tanner simpson said Jul 26, 2014 16:37:50
Same issue here bro. Stretch your glutes out and that helps relieve tension in the lower back and if you can get on of those deals that you lay in and hang upside down. Go see a chiropractor if you can.
Tdawg said Jul 27, 2014 16:23:39
Deep tissue massages help a lot if u find a good one. Get 1 once a month . My lower back is messed up always.
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Djs2224 said Jul 29, 2014 03:36:09
Hard to put cloths on sometimes? But still can squat heavy ? Try not equating for a little and look into the peptide tb500
I have a back problem a lumbar sprain hurt it about a year or more ago and can't squat or deadlift. I used tb500 for a shoulder injury and it definatly healed.
Tb500 and bpc 157 look them up.
DeqnIliev said Jul 30, 2014 16:53:01
That's interesting approach with the peps Im gonna look into it, i have same issue for years.
Can't squat, can't dead lift basically most of the compound movements except bench press. I use only machines that support my back. I've tried all sorts of procedures and massages but they do next to nothing.
I think when I was on the chinese growth it released some of the pain to be honest. But for me other than surgery nothing will lead to terminate it completely. So I just try not exerting my lower back except with hyperextentions.
Tdawg said Aug 08, 2014 20:37:32
I tried tb500 from two sources even was taking 10 mg a week didn't notice much if anything g
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Djs2224 said Aug 08, 2014 20:39:37
Tdawg where did you get it from
Richard said Aug 09, 2014 10:48:26
my back is much better now, i took a week off. but sometimes it just comes back randomly. kinda annoying. i guess it's some kind of inflammation.
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said Aug 14, 2014 06:18:20
I haven't bin able too squat or dead lift for a few months now I think it started by squatting 3plates for reps but going too deep then it went when I picked my son up. I was thinking of making my own foam roller out of PVC pipe too really get in deep what do you guys think do foam rollers work I've never used a hard one only one that my gym has it's as soft as butter
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