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posted Jul 26, 2014 01:03:48 by koryjames
Does doing squats with the Smith machine instead of barbell slow down growth on your legs?
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Tanner simpson said Jul 26, 2014 16:38:33
no, most likely not but keeps your core from getting as strong.
NickCotton said Aug 02, 2014 03:53:41
Imo free weight squats are better
tangosauce said Aug 03, 2014 05:33:52
Smith machine does not work your hamstrings as much as free weight squats. However, you can work hams separately. The Smith machine will allow you to remove your back from the equation. Your back will give out well before your legs. But, if you want to put more work in on your hams, go free weight.

Do hacks and presses instead of squatting and you can still see the same amount of growth. I rotate leg workouts between hacks, Smith squat, and free weight squats depending on what I'm feeling and what is open. Sometimes I'll combine them in the same workout, but I don't see the utility of this strategy really in context of all the other exercises I do on leg day.
koryjames said Aug 03, 2014 14:55:51
Cool thanks guys, just seems like my legs have been growing at a much slower rate than the rest of my body. Thanks for the info
BeachBoy2911 said Aug 21, 2014 22:32:31
Tanner will you take a look at my first cycle and meal plan post? I posted it under supplaments. Subject is "first cycle + help"
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