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Questions about dieting

posted Jul 27, 2014 00:42:18 by mr_ectomorph
Hello everyone, i am Youssif and I'm new to this forum.
I have a couple questions i want to ask since i have some time to waste right now.
How important is meal frequency? I've heard of people going on those crazy 1 huge meal every 12 hours kind of diet.. and people who just eat to fit their macros and people who eat frequently every 2 to 3 hours 6 meals a day.

Also, does diet change if you train more frequently?

Also, i eat 6 meals a day. And my meals ain't small. So i am always fkn bloated like a fat ape. I take in my fibers every morning but it's still useless. How do you guys control your bloat. Is it from food? From estrogen? From specific compounds I use? Cause im using 1mg of adex ed...

And lastly. After i am done working out... should i take my post workout shake after weightlifting or after cardio? Cause i do 20-30min cardio after every weightlifting session. And how long after my shake should i get in a meal in my system?

Thank you all
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oliverkawwa said Jul 27, 2014 09:15:04
Basically. The more fat you hold, the more water you can hold. So if you got a high BF% you are more prone to bloat. Eating clean, and frequently is the best way to not hold water.

What's your cycle, and diet like? Try to post a picture. It's the easiest way to help you :)

Drink your shake AFTER your cardio sessions. The reason you do cardio fasted, or after working out is because your glycogen stores has been used. Therefore your body has a better chance of burning fat for energy. If you fuel your glycogen stores between workout, and cardio, that will ruin the purpose of timing the cardio for better efficiency. Makes sense right? :)
mr_ectomorph said Jul 27, 2014 17:57:55
Yea it totally makes sense :) thank you so much! Right now I'm about 6'1 197.5lbs upon waking up. Nearly 19years old. Using 875mg test e pw, .9cc eod tren ace, 1mg adex ed, 25mcg t3 morning and night, 0.25mg prami before bedtime. Also I recently dropped clen after a 6 week use at 60-75mg ed.
I eat 6 meals a day. I am basically following what bostin gave me and it's just incredibly good :)

I will try to get a pic
oliverkawwa said Jul 27, 2014 21:29:18
Are you pinning the Test E EOD like your Tren?. If yes, thats perfect. To me it looks great, and you shouldnt hold much water. Maybe you will just need to get leaner :)
mr_ectomorph said Jul 28, 2014 05:35:24
Test e and tren ace eod
I use 250mg/ml test e 250mg eod 1cc
200mg/ml tren ace 90mg eod 0.45cc

I really get bloated and my boobs go out. Really feels like fat boobs
mr_ectomorph said Jul 28, 2014 05:36:26
Not a nice view. Only way people think i lift is from big veiny arms
oliverkawwa said Jul 28, 2014 06:27:24
Just keep cutting. As i said. When you are lean, you can't bloat like that
nerdzzify said Jul 28, 2014 07:16:09
i am on a carb rotation diet since 51days, but yeah, i am trying to get lean, but i think im taking in too many cals because my weight is always around 200pounds and i never cheat even when i am allowed once a week, and when i do use my cheat, i cheat clean and with a very moderate amount.

Also i do alot more cardio than i was told... however, i have put on alot of strength and size. Also, i took a break from the gym for 5months... and only been back for around 3months. Anyways i will keep doing what i am doing and see what happens :)
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