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Find mac oil

posted Jul 30, 2014 13:11:29 by CarlWalters
Honestly find it easier to find steroids then mac oil haha

made one order from but they no longer sell it can any one help me out with a link?

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ChadL said Jul 30, 2014 13:38:54
Species seems to get good recommendations on this site.

I personally have not tried it. I buy mine from a local grocer (their label).
Tanner simpson said Jul 30, 2014 15:57:27
haha yeah what he said or
NickCotton said Aug 02, 2014 03:52:28
What's so great about Mac oil opposed to other healthy oils like olive?
Tanner simpson said Aug 02, 2014 13:46:46
A lot. Dave pallumbo talks about in on the species site
NickCotton said Aug 03, 2014 03:31:43
A lot? Is it's type of fat basically the same as in other oils? Not trying to sound like a dick guys I'm just curious :)
Tanner simpson said Aug 03, 2014 03:33:59
That's why I said watch the video Dave did on it... I don't wantto explain all his research on here
unknown said Dec 03, 2014 08:07:56
nappinj said Dec 19, 2015 04:00:09
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