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Cut most of my supplements and getting better results

posted Aug 02, 2014 12:15:25 by Danozolol
Thought I'd share I decided to see what would happen if I cut out sups
Pre workout, Glutamine, bcaas,carnatine iv been taking them for quiet somtime along with
Cycling gear of coarse, about three weeks ago I decided to get off them all and see what would happen
I'm currently running 750mgs test e a week along with a 100% good meal plan. To my suprise iv become leaner, bigger
harder and put on a good 10lbs. Makes me wonder weather sups in general are just a load of hog wash (not saying they are) but the results iv had speek for themselves. What are others thoughts? Do you run sups with your drugs
Or spend more money on more gear that actually does somthing.
Love to train, eat, rest and sleep, ifbb men's physique competitor, Australian! Looking forward to talking bodybuilding, cycles, training and diet with you all..!!👍
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