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trouble with diet

posted Aug 04, 2014 20:16:54 by Jmorbs
So my diet consists of 5 meals a day. Breakfast is usully 3 whole eggs and a cup of egg whites with a piece of rye toast then at 10 am I'll have my 2 cups of pats with raisins. Then at 1230 I'll do 6 Oz of meat (chicken, steak, fish) with 4 ounces of white or brown rice and the same goes for meals 4 and 5. I also will throw some type of fruit In their.
I have been told I need healthy fat so I do like a cup of some type of nut everyday but wat else could I use? Been on this diet for about a week so any other tips would b much appreciated.
I also hit the gym at 530 am and don't eat before cause it's hard for me so any tips on small meals before I go would defiantly help
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Tanner simpson said Aug 06, 2014 19:52:07
add a table spoon of mac oil or olive oil to every meal
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