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posted Aug 10, 2014 14:41:20 by varun
I've got shitty arms , how to increase the size of them ?
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benjaminbremer said Aug 11, 2014 22:37:14
Shoot ur gear in them, or start using synthol brotha.
varun said Aug 12, 2014 20:30:16
im 17 , i dont think im 'ready' for gear , synthol i dont know where to purchaes from
benjaminbremer said Aug 13, 2014 16:14:00
Trust me, your ready. You can easily start juicing. Just follow bostins advice and go all crazy on first cycle, just 250mg test e monday thursday..
said Aug 14, 2014 06:24:16
What do your arm workouts look like ?
Oliverkawwa said Aug 14, 2014 15:33:31
It's very dependent on the person. For me, i have to do low volume, high intensity. My arm day is usually 6 sets of biceps, and 9 sets of triceps to failure each set. I like to work 1 arm at the time. You get a better mind muscle connection, and squeze.
varun said Aug 15, 2014 11:57:59
but having so much fat around my body, should i lose all that and then start the juice ?
Tanner simpson said Aug 21, 2014 18:35:53
I hit them 3 times a week and they start growing fast
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