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Having Kids

posted Aug 11, 2014 18:29:29 by Kyle Nawrocki
Will cycling on and off steroids when you're young affect your ability to have children in the future?
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Tanner simpson said Aug 21, 2014 18:09:33
It can but with the use of hcg you should not have a problem
BrentHenry said Aug 23, 2014 07:44:39
I got my gf pregnant 3 weeks out from my show i was on the most gear I have ever run and spoke to doctors about it aswell they didn't think it would make a difference and has no effect on the baby
oliverkawwa said Aug 23, 2014 07:54:27
I remember a study about finding a p-pill for men. In the study they used testosterone injections to make the men infertile. 50% did get a lower sperm count, and the other half had a perfect sperm count. It's not that big of a problem.
Joshua Medina said Sep 10, 2014 20:26:39
Ive cycled for a good 3years on n off and i bust all kinds of nuts inside sugar walls and no ones pregnant lmao. Ive been trying to get my girl preggers for the past year even off gear and no dice
CesarTellez said Sep 10, 2014 21:58:21
Lmao sugar walls
Shiesty2012 said Dec 01, 2014 23:59:47
What's up guys. I kno this post is old but I just had a sperm analysis the other day and it came back as zero sperm count. I have been using steroids for 10 years and I'm 31 yrs old. The past 4 years I have been blasting and cruising. Hopefully the analysis was incorrect so I'm going to a urologist and see what they say before i have another test done. I'll keep you guys updated if your interested
Andrew Johnson said Dec 02, 2014 03:18:03
Yeah please do!
wyattparrish said Dec 06, 2014 13:59:51
I had my one lol was .only cycling for a little while when i did. Hopefully it makes me sterile now i dnt need no mo
CollinsCP3 said Jan 09, 2015 04:47:29
Subbed in the pending sperm count, good luck man
A.J. said Jan 15, 2015 20:06:53
I would like to hear more on this topic honestly, I know you see all of these top pros and shit having kids but who think aas use will permanently kill sperm production?! Not to sound rude but I would like to know if bostin plans on having kids and what the protocol would be to do so
MKB said Jan 16, 2015 09:58:49
I know 2 guys around 40s , sterile as their doctors said and their coach let them stick with HCG and nolva for a while and both of them got twins lool. oh and zinc keep the sperm count high plus some studies showed that l-carnitine help with that along with other stuff that I really can't remember Google it to make sure

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A.J. said Feb 03, 2015 01:00:05
Bump on any other info
Shiesty2012 said Feb 18, 2015 17:34:59
So I recently went to the urologist and the final outcome was he put me on hcg 250ui 3x week. He said i should have been taking hcg the moment I started trt. Only problem is my insurance doesn't cover hcg and the pharmacy wants $270 for 10,000iu which is fkn crazy.
ellobo said Mar 03, 2015 19:22:01
I was on test and 1.5mg Letro too and gave my girl the D and that mushroom tip busted all kids of nuts and got them sugar walls all prego so it's no biggy
opaque said Mar 12, 2015 17:03:28
Clomid works magic. Use hcg throughout cycle. Then Clomid and nolvadex. Believe me it works. Clomid is technically a fertility drug. Increase your odds of twins by giving it to your girl lol
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