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All Around Good Bulking Diet

posted Sep 29, 2014 23:10:23 by wewe21
Hey guys whats up. I was wondering what would some of you guys suggest to be an all around good bulking diet? I would like to get past the 200 mark I'm about 190 5'11" right now and running 500mg test e with 400mgs eq weekly and lean. What macros do you guys think I should be working with? I would also like a little food input if you guy want too!
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CesarTellez said Oct 01, 2014 00:14:19
Diets will vary from person to person..If your like me and very carb sensitive you should carefully plan when to eat ur carbs..preferably pre and post wo and even first meal of the day. If your very active throughout the day has an effect as well...alot of variables..bodytype activity etc.
wewe21 said Oct 01, 2014 15:40:58
Hey Cesar
I am normally very active through out the day. I try and have carbs with every meal normally because I have a fast motabilism basically a break down of meals would be (this is not an everyday thing is just a general overview but pretty close to what I eat)
meal 1: 6 eggs white 2 servings of white rice
meal 2: mass gainer reals gains (because I'm working or in class)
Meal 3: either 8 oz of ground turkey or chicken with 2 servings white rice
Meal 4: some type of sandwich whole wheat break either PBJ natural or tuna fish
Meal 5: Pre workout I always try and do 6oz chicken or more and rice.
post workout shake: 1.5 scoops of whey and scoop of carbs with bcaa
Meal 6: rice and 10oz tilapia
bed shake: casein and carbs or mass gainer (not all the time tho)
CesarTellez said Oct 02, 2014 01:49:01
Doesn't seem to bad but you definately need to add some fats! Almonds, natural peanut butter, whole eggs, avocado etc.
wewe21 said Oct 02, 2014 04:40:26
okay cool! I will add some in there to snack on during the day in class and work!

Thanks Again!
CesarTellez said Oct 02, 2014 07:29:36
Just add them to your meals don't snack in between meals.
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