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raw egg whites

posted Oct 08, 2014 01:43:35 by Jacksonadam16
is drinking egg whites ok or do you have to cook and eat them
ive been drinking 8-12 egg whites 2-3 times a day.i blend it up
i read some where that our body can only absorb half of the protein in raw egg whites is there any truth to this
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GetBig said Oct 08, 2014 01:53:10
I do it, as long as there pasteurized your good bro
ChadL said Oct 08, 2014 14:11:16
Unlike most animals humans digest their protein better when its cooked. The reason being is most proteins are referred to as "globular" proteins. Picture a ball of yarn....that's kind of what a globular protein looks like (its a good analogy). When you cook a protein that ball of yarn relaxes and unwinds allowing all our proteases to breakdown the protein into various forms. Without cooking our proteases can't completely breakdown that protein and thus gets passed through our gut undigested.
GetBig said Oct 08, 2014 14:38:21
Idk how I feel about this^^
ChadL said Oct 08, 2014 14:45:08
What has you concerned? It may not be critical to cook high biological value proteins like eqq whites, but cooking them certainly will not detract from protein absorption.
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GetBig said Oct 08, 2014 14:50:48
Right I agree but if he wants to drink them I think it should fe ok
ChadL said Oct 08, 2014 15:12:09's totally ok if they're pasteurized like you mentioned....I was addressing the other part of his question regarding protein absorption....

@jacksondam16 I don't think eating raw eggs will cost you half of the protein, but you will loose some. Depending of course on how much you drink. Probably not enough to be of too much concern....less than 10 grams lost probably...again dependent on how much you drink.
GetBig said Oct 08, 2014 15:16:36
Ok I agree. Very bio available but you'll never get 100% of anything cooked or not
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