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After training

posted Oct 11, 2014 14:29:55 by jackson adam
What to do post workout when trying to loose fat
Like do I aim to spike insulin or skip the spike wait 45-60 min then have some whole foods

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Tanner simpson said Oct 13, 2014 21:02:25
Post workout have a protein drink and minimal carbs, but really depends what the wrest of your diet looks like
tangosauce said Oct 15, 2014 05:50:30
I would disagree with minimal carbs post workout. That's actually one of the times you can get away with it on a diet (a little in the morning too).

If you're referring to waiting to spike insulin to give growth a chance to work post workout, I'm not sure how proven that is in reality despite it being logical to an extent. Refueling your muscle is pretty damn important too. If you want to max growth, take growth.
Tanner simpson said Oct 15, 2014 13:33:23
It has been proven that weight lifters almost lose 0 muscle glycogen during and hour workout so why would you disagree? If you think he needs more then 40-50 carbs post work out your crazy
Jacksonadam16 said Oct 15, 2014 15:30:38
alright tanner what would you recommend then
im weighing at 97.5 kg so 214.5 pounds im 5 feet 6.5 inches
body fat not really sure maybe 15 or so but still look like in good shape six pack still visible
if you can help me out with protein cals carbs fats
i just added cardio after gym workouts where before i was doing minimal to no cardio
i usually train at 12:00 am
i lost a bit of weight i was sleeping at 101 kg 222.2 pounds
im still eating what i was before and still lost weight
im eating
protein 300
carbs 350
fat 100
calories 3500
and about post workout natural insulin spike do you recommend it or no
thanks for the help guys
Tanner simpson said Oct 15, 2014 15:50:03
Insulin spike post workout is great and you should have carbs right after but you dont need a ton. Eat most of your carbs around your workouts and have some in the morning like tango said. Keep doing what your doing and when you stop losing wait start reducing your carb intake. Have 50g whey iso or whey and 40 grams of waxy maize pwo
tangosauce said Oct 15, 2014 16:36:35
Why I am certainly open to new information, the literature really supports glycogen depletion during exercise. Restricting carbs will result in lower reps during intense training, and therefore, less growth. I can cite more articles than this, but again, I am always interested in an alternative perspective...
Tanner simpson said Oct 15, 2014 16:49:10
Tango we both agree on the same thing... I never said not to have carbs I just said if trying to lose fat dont have a ton. Of course you should consume carbs pwo and that is what I told him 40-50 grams will more then replenish what was lost.
tangosauce said Oct 15, 2014 18:17:46
Got cha. Definitely in agreement there.
tangosauce said Nov 15, 2014 09:32:59
Tanner, noticed in a recent MD article they cited a study that looked at 30 vs 90 carbs post. 90 had higher insulin, but both had similar protein synthesis. Looks like good validation to our discussion here.
Tanner simpson said Nov 15, 2014 23:54:58
I do not believe that at all because there are studies that show fasted individules can barley get a insulin spike on pure table sugar.
Tanner simpson said Nov 15, 2014 23:55:25
So unless they were truly fasted then maybe
tangosauce said Nov 16, 2014 02:14:50

Here's the link. I haven't dug into it all very deeply at this point, but I think the consensus is that excessive carbs pw aren't needed.

Still shocked that Cutler ate 1000 carbs a day though and stayed lean as hell.

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