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posted Nov 05, 2014 18:29:47 by CarlosRosas
can sum 1 explain to me what this is ive heard about it nt to sure though its supposed to regulate ur intake of Protein carbs and good fats i guess? what would be an ideal grams for each of these to consume daily if ur goal in mind is to obtain a six pack?
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benjaminbremer said Nov 06, 2014 07:21:57
Yes Macros is your protein fat and carb intake. And that dependes on your weight, a 300 pound bodybuilder is obviously gonna need more kcal than u, therefore everyone need different macros
CarlosRosas said Nov 07, 2014 00:28:01
well im 5.6 and weigh 170 and i kinda want to stay at that weight while my goal being to get a six pack so what would should be my protein fat and carb intake?
benjaminbremer said Nov 07, 2014 05:38:19
Well obviously you are gonna lose some weight as the fat are being burned, unless you use anabolics and peptides to build muscle at the same time...

But I'm 215lbs and doing about 3k kcal with 40/40/20 ratio and seeing gr8 results, so you kinda have to try things yourself because I don't know your daily activity, training routine, meal timing etc :)
VarunMenghani said Nov 26, 2014 12:06:14
what is meal timing ?
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