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What should my diet be like on a cycle?

posted Dec 20, 2014 21:40:48 by R2TRUTH
I am going to hop on soon and i was wonder if i should be on a caloric deficit or surplus. My goal is to gain muscle i am not overweight. can i eat everything and anything while i am on a cycle? should i be eating like a horse when i am on a cycle? lmk guys and how long should i be training while i am on a cycle?
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MKB said Jan 01, 2015 08:18:06
Surplus of course , eat every 2-3 hours a good meal (high protin , god healthy fat , good carbs ) tho you don't need that much of carbs however those meal should be bigger than you used to eat like if you used to eat 40g protein in each meal double it or add like 35% more , you can eat whatever you want but the cleaner you go the best you get , I saw great result when i start cheating like 2-3 times a week , well lot of people say 1.5 hours is your max don't spend more, I actually spend like 1:45 to 2 hours including cardio and sometime abs it depend on how much meal did I ate,, make sure your food digested so try to get digestive enzyme supplement ,, oh and try not take out your cardio, 20 mints daily is perfect as Bostin and other say "never take out cardio" .

Good luck
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R2TRUTH said Jan 02, 2015 00:51:31
thanks dude, that's some great advice.
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