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test pump at the gym

posted Jan 30, 2015 16:39:04 by nappinj
doing my first injection, will i get a pump at the gym right away or does it take a few weeks. m-drol i got pump before but, never naturally.
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nappinj said Jan 31, 2015 16:14:16
did my first injection last night of test e 250mg in the ass with 23g 1.5 long needle, i did not even feel it, ass does not hurt at all. bleed a little. is that normal not to hurt? or does it need to go deeper?
ellobo said Feb 05, 2015 20:07:47
PIP is something you ether get or don't far as the pump you should start to get crazy pumps in about 4weeks if your diet is good
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