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Outside muscle parts plz help

posted Feb 17, 2015 18:12:27 by Dmudfeild
I have decent growth on my muscle groups but I can't manage to work the outside part of my bicep or tricep, also my outside quad for width I just don't know how to manage it to work them any tips or help plz
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opaque said Mar 13, 2015 13:05:15
Cable kick backs and reverse grip cable single arm pushdowns blow up my tricepts for definition. For overall size close grip flat bench. Nothing else has ever added size like those even dips can't touch close grip flat bench. Biceps a good mix between one arm curls, hammer curls and concentration curls blow my biceps up all around. Hope some of this helps.
Dmudfeild said Apr 02, 2015 19:02:17
Thanks so much! Give me bout 3-4 weeks ima start all this I'll let u know update!
wyattparrish said Apr 12, 2015 19:07:27
We are all different. Try every triceps exercise theres is llight weigbt really high reps. See where you feel at and find an exercise thats hits spot u want.

For me i feel outside quad only on leg press feet clloser together high reps.
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