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Need help guys bostin or anyone knowledgeable on cycles to help me lose fat gain muscle

posted Feb 23, 2015 18:24:45 by Yovanni Lopez
I'm about 245 and like 26% body fat 22years old I've done cycles before but i kinda fuck up coming off bostin told me come here and get help he said do like t4 high fragment and test e any thoughts or other suggestions
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wyattparrish said Feb 25, 2015 20:15:50
First off get your diet on point and be consistent. Cardio ed fasted in the am. Dont over diet. Eat low enough to fat slowly as not to plataue or lose muscle. Cycle history will help me give you proper dose but ill lay out something to start with. Funds will determine if yoy can run everything i list.

Week 1-12
Test 750mg a week
Eq 600mg a week
Tren 300mg a week
Adex .5mg ed

Fat loss shit
Clen- start at 20-40mcg ed and up 20mcg every for or 5 days till about 100mcg max. Run about 8weeks straight

T3 take 25mcg ed and up 12.5mcg when fat loss slows. Dont go over 50mcg.

Hgh 4iu a day. 2iu in the am and 2iu afternoon.

Ill post more if i forgot anything
Yovanni Lopez said Feb 25, 2015 23:48:28
thanks man ok i did like 2 year ago test prop 200mg a week and then 75mg every 2 days for 2 months i fucked up cause i just randomly stopped and did like no pct i appreciate your advice, so run
Test 750mg a week
Eq 600mg a week
Tren 300mg a week
Adex .5mg ed for 12 weeks i don't think i can afford the hgh, but what about hgh fragment on transformix peptides also when will the clen and t4 kick in at the end of 12weeks let me know the dosage on this cycle for everything and if you could a source for purchasing these thanks bro
wyattparrish said Feb 26, 2015 16:03:31
Peptides are more expensive than gh for me i ordered some gh for mgreens for $130 per 100iu we will see of i get it tho he is slow and bad with communication.

Bostin says t3 really starts workin well after about 3 weeks. Clen will be workin right away after first dose. You can try hgh frag idk much about it.

Also for tren get tren ace and pin eod.
Test get any ester u want but prop is most expensive. for most stuff and whatever they dnt got transformix has the rest

Id drop test down to 500 and eq to 400 since u havnt cycled in 2 years keep tren at 300
wyattparrish said Feb 26, 2015 16:05:36
If. Mggreens works out ill let you know cuz you could run hgh at about $130-$150 per month which is way cheaper and better than peps and gh will really give you some fat loss im running peps now cjc ghrp and igf cost me $300 a month about
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Dmudfeild said Feb 26, 2015 18:31:07
Wyattparish I have similar situation not as big will u check out my post says ANY ADVICE? Same one also says on a hump
Yovanni Lopez said Mar 10, 2015 01:41:16
thanks man for you're advice meanwhile I'm trying to save money to get the first cycle all at the same time, but what kinda of test and anti e do you recommend meanwhile i want to jump on straight test just for the fat burning and gain also how would you recommend i run it basically i want to do this for a month then kick it in high gear, any other advice for weightless and fats you recommend with diet or tanning that be awesome I'm looking forward to running you're cycle soon you've been a great help
Yovanni Lopez said Mar 10, 2015 01:43:10
also i wanted to ask how would you resume normal test levels after coming off a cycle as i mentioned before i used then test prop and i think win but i haven't really felt the same after i don't know how to resume normal test level or pct you'd recommend
opaque said Mar 12, 2015 01:06:25
It's your diet. I dropped 50lbs with diet and cardio. I ran mast p 150 eod, prop 150 eod, t3 50mcg in split doses, aromason for anti estrogen. I used keto diet to drop weight. That combo is great for fat loss. Tren messes my sleep up too much to be beneficial. If your on a budget just prop and anti estrogen. Use a keto diet though. All the gear in the world won't compensate for a bad diet. To come off use standard pct. Or cruising is another option. Diet and cardio though.
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