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Girlfriend can't lose weight

posted Feb 24, 2015 23:20:00 by Kirk K
Alright so my girlfriend is I think like 5'2 and around 215lbs. And she's having a real difficult time losing weight. I mean she's hardly eating any calories and can't lose a pound. And she has Mthfr. Don't know if you guys know anything about that? Not sure if that's why she can't lose weight. I don't know too much about it. She tells me it messes up her hormones, she has low iron, and her blood doesn't clot well because of it. Her mom has the same problem, and has had her thyroid tested a bunch, and was told it's fine. But she has weight loss issues too.

We do cardio at least 3 times a week, doing 2 miles each time. Plus weight training. Eating lean protein and veggies throughout the day. No sugars, no breads. And there's no way she's eating more than a 1500 calories a day. I'd say it's more around a thousand calories or less some days right now. I just don't get it. Hasn't lost a pound over the last two months. I mean let's be honest, she's fat, and hasn't lost a pound, I just don't get it.

Any advice, I'm lost on what to do for her at this point. We're going over seas this summer and she wants to lose some weight and is stressing pretty hardcore at this point.
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wyattparrish said Feb 28, 2015 18:05:34
She lift weights? Try that if not. Bring calories up to 1500 and keep em there. Id say if she works out 30%pro 40%fats 30%carbs. Try bringin in fatburners like clen or ephederine. Try t3 25mcg a day too. Mornin fasted cardio 30min 5-6 days a week. Lift weights 30-45min 5days a week. Bring cals up to 2000 one day a week maybe on leg day. Give that a try for 2 weeks and see what happens. Use the scale once a week only! Morning fasted weight day of the cheat meal. DO NOT!!! Weigh in after cheat meal lol wait again till next week cuz it will be tempting for her to weigh her self after eating more cals.
Kirk K said Mar 03, 2015 05:16:32
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah. She lifts. I have her lifting real weight too with good form. We're going to be down that more frequently and I told her to start the morning cardio 5days a week and see if we can't see some progress. She works a desk job so probably doesn't burn shit all day. I'll see if I can get some ephedrine and caffeine at one of the local pharmacies. I'll probably looking into the clen and t3/t4 if the rest of this doesn't help. Just doesn't make sense how she's having a hard time losing weight being this fat. I lost like 10lbs in 2 weeks when I was that fat haha.
wyattparrish said Mar 03, 2015 16:51:31
Yeah ask for bronkaid thays what i take for ephederine it 6 bucks just need an id no prescription required and can 3 boxes at a time
ellobo said Mar 10, 2015 01:58:29
How long is she doing cardio for in each session ?...and is she eating home made whole foods or pre made food?
opaque said Mar 11, 2015 18:36:21
Use keto diet. That will drop weight off even if her exercise isn't up to par. Most effective weight loss tool I ever tried.
ellobo said Mar 15, 2015 23:05:17
Don't Jack with t3 and t4 it's not the same for girls..and if she can't drop past 200lb with out it then she will never keep it off with out the drugs
Kirk K said Mar 18, 2015 07:45:02
We were doing cardio on the elliptical(treadmill hurts her ankles, and no stair climbers at our gym) for at least 10mins at first. Just doing a mile. She couldn't do more than that cuz she's fat and out of shape.

Then we were doing a mile before and after workout. So two 10mins. Then worked up to 1.5 miles before the workout. So around 13mins.

We just started doing one session of 20mins of cardio. Hoping to work up to 30mins this week. Haven't had her get on the scale yet. She's starting her period, so probably holding water and bloated.

I honestly know nothing of Keto, I'll have to look that up after midterms.

She eats whole foods. Always has, and always had drank a bunch of water. Honestly, I have no idea how she got fat lol. She eats way better and drinks way better than I do.

But I have her doing ephedrine(bronkaid) and caffeine right now. She can't take aspirin due to the Mthfr. And yeah Ellobo, I won't be doing the t3/t4 with her because I don't know enough about Mthfr and I can't find any solid information about it on the internet and really don't want to be responsible for fucking something up. Especially since I've never taken it myself, so no experience or clue personally how it reacts/feels etc.
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ellobo said Mar 23, 2015 11:08:11
She needs to get up to 300min a week of light cardio to really see a benefit in weight loss..I work with a lot of heavy set people and it takes a lot more cardio then you think in order to lose weight
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