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posted Feb 28, 2015 17:41:51 by liftingbig732
Hi guys looking to improve the diet I'm currently using would like to gain lean muscle and loose body fat. Also would cycle would be better 500test 200tren and var or test deca and car this is my third cycle. Is 200mg if tren a week enough?

M1 12 tbs egg whites 1 cup oatmeal

M2 6oz chicken 1 cup of rice

M3 60 grams whey (post workout)

M4 6oz Cod 2 cups rice

M5 7oz chicken 6oz sweet potato

M6 50 grams whey shake
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wyattparrish said Feb 28, 2015 17:56:45
Throw away ur protein shakes lol. Im anti protein shakes i think its a scam along with every other natty supp. I eat food only. Dnt go more than 1 shake a day if you must havem.

Heres how i eat to diet before i give up lol at 240pounds (holding lots of water tho from gear peps and slin) 18-20% bf=)

750mg test
300 tren ace
400 masteron
Adex 1mg eod
Clen 40mcg ed taper up to 100mcg ed
T3 25mcg ed taper up to 50mcg ed

Meal 1...4eggs 4egg whites. 1/2 cup oats 1/4 cup cheese on eggs
Meal 2...8oz chicken with 2 servings mixed veggies 1oz almonds
Meal 3...8oz lean ground beef with sweet potatoes
Meal 4...same as meal 2
Meal 5...same as meal 1
Meal 6 post workout meal...for you do a protein shake post workout. I just drink like 2 cups milk then have 4oz steak with white rice.

pezeecbm said Apr 23, 2015 19:12:52
Please help. I'm a newbie and need guidance. I sent Bostin an email about consulting but haven't received a response yet. I'm 27 years old 5'11 240 pounds about 27% body fat. I want to shred the fat and get big. I mainly want to know what should i buy for my first cycle, how much to buy, how much to administer at a time, and when to use. I've been in the gym for about a year now going 5 days a week but I want faster results. I've looked on manyyy threads here but I really need to know a source who is g2g right now because I'm ready to start a cycle now. Any suggestions will be very helpful.
BostinLoyd said Apr 25, 2015 03:07:09
Add healthy fata to this diet n reduce carbs alot... do 1/2 cup carbs per meal cut carbs later in day.. do 15 gram healthy fats per meal
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