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Traveling whith gear

posted Mar 25, 2015 14:22:13 by gnome569
Advice on how to travel with gear on an airplane.
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opaque said Apr 15, 2015 05:10:45
Would not advise that lol pin before or ship it.
koryjames777 said Apr 15, 2015 22:08:49
I know a couple people who do put in their checked bag and fly with it. Im not ballsey enough to do that so I mail it. If your staying in a hotel the hotel will let you receive mail for you during your stay.
BostinLoyd said Apr 21, 2015 00:25:14
Just put in check bag i do it every time
wyattparrish said Apr 21, 2015 01:35:41
I do same as bostin
gnome569 said Apr 22, 2015 18:35:29
Thanks everyone for the advice.
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