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Anybody watch, "muscle in the morning?"

posted Apr 01, 2015 03:22:39 by Andrew Johnson
The competition that Bostin was in is on that channel on YouTube, "muscle in the morning."
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BostinLoyd said Apr 21, 2015 00:26:51
By dave palumbo? What did they say?
Andrew Johnson said Apr 21, 2015 00:55:48
They just showed some clips of your show..I forget exactly what he said. Yeah, it's the one hosted by Dave Palumbo.
[Last edited Apr 21, 2015 00:56:10]
BostinLoyd said Apr 30, 2015 21:45:45
Was he talking shit? Lol
Andrew Johnson said May 01, 2015 02:10:07
I don't think so..just some commentary and clips of your show.
BostinLoyd said May 05, 2015 04:25:45
Ohh ok cool
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