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Need to loose fat (43 years old male. 237 lbs and my body fat is around 28%)

posted Apr 07, 2015 14:10:10 by chiltonpr
Hi Guys!
Im a 43 years old male. 237 lbs and my body fat is around 28%
I started gym 2 weeks ago and a simple diet.
I need some help in how to gain some muscle and get rid of this belly and fat
I did a small cycle long time a go. in other words im a newbie.
I really appreciate any help from you guys.
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wyattparrish said Apr 12, 2015 19:01:31
Ok get on a simple beginner cycle of test 500mg a wk. Run adex .5mg ed. Run winny for first 4 weeks 40-50mg ed. Add t3 at 25mcg ed. Cardio fasted in am 6 days a week at least 20min ed at first then bump to 30min after a few weeks. Dnt do to much cardio or diet too hard especially in begining.

Drop carbs to 200 grams a day. Protein 200-240 grams a day. Fat 120 grams a day maybe up to 140. Personally i count my cals to get an idea of what im eating. Im dieting on 3000 cals a day. Highest iver ever done and its working. Im 6' 235 18% about.

First 2 weeks u should drop ten pounds which will be all water. Then slowly 2 pounds ea week after that. I do cheat once a week sometimes more due to lack of discipline lol. Once fat loss slows prolly after a month add in some clen or ephedrine evry morning before cardio. May have to lower cals at some point too.

Maybe take gh or peptides if u got the cash. Lemme knkw if u need sources or diet suggestions
chiltonpr said Apr 13, 2015 00:31:23
wyatt ! I really appreciate you taking your time to answer my question. Reading the post I have a few more question to be 100 % sure to get what I should.

Which test you recommend ? Cypionate, Enanthate, Propionate?
T3 Im guessing the Thyro3 (T3, Cytomel)

Reference the sources I have seen some sites

Should I train Weight 5 to 6 days a week ? one body part a day?
what you recomend ?

Thanks a lot..

wyattparrish said Apr 21, 2015 01:30:05
Srry for delay. Test prop u gotta pin eod and the other 2 just once or twice a wk. So whichever test u want. Yes t3 cytomel. Go with

Train weights 5-6 days a week i go based on how my body feels for how often i train. Dnt wana overdo it when cutting as recovery will be slower. Straight sets no drop sets or supersets. Get in kill it and get out.
Freshbwoy said Apr 21, 2015 03:06:06
Hey Wyattt i share the same problem long should the cycle run?how many weeks should t3 be run?and what pct should be used iam coming off from my first cycle which ifinished a month ago.
BostinLoyd said Apr 23, 2015 03:32:45
If ur s complete newbie with diet training n drugs i highly suggest u hire a coach to fully lay everything out for u... will be the best investment of ur life
wyattparrish said Apr 23, 2015 15:17:19
Cycle should be ran at lleast 3 months and upwards of 4 months. If u do 4 months id add in some masteron prop for llast 8 weeks.

Run t3 whole cycle takes biut 3 weeks to take fulll effect.

Pct hcg and nollva not sure on a good hcg protocoll but im sure bostin does.

Srry for typoos screen on pohone is cracked and sometimes cant even use phone.thaats why i dnt get on as often
wyattparrish said Apr 23, 2015 15:19:17
Taper off of t3 as well 12.5mcg eaach week till ur off
pezeecbm said Apr 23, 2015 19:05:53
Please help. I'm a newbie and need guidance. I sent Bostin an email about consulting but haven't received a response yet. I'm 27 years old 5'11 240 pounds about 27% body fat. I want to shred the fat and get big. I mainly want to know what should i buy for my first cycle, how much to buy, how much to administer at a time, and when to use. I've been in the gym for about a year now going 5 days a week but I want faster results. I've looked on manyyy threads here but I really need to know a source who is g2g right now because I'm ready to start a cycle now. Any suggestions will be very helpful.
wyattparrish said Apr 24, 2015 23:27:13
This poost has what u need
BostinLoyd said Apr 25, 2015 03:09:17
If u sent me a legit email interested in coaching i would have responded whats ur email?
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