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Sex drive

posted May 18, 2015 16:53:26 by CodyBrown
I did my first cycle back in September and it ended in January. I did a pct with arimadex and nolva for about 8 weeks after. My sex drive is pretty much back. Some weeks I am horny as hell. Other weeks I have little drive at all. On the bad weeks I use test boosters which seem to help out a lot. Is there anything else I should try? I heard clomid is good for helping this problem.

I loved being on the gear and plan on going back on but not in the near future. I met a girl who I really like and did not want to loose her over a lifestyle choice which is why I came off.
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BostinLoyd said May 21, 2015 01:05:05
hcg is the best thing for recovering after a cycle.. helps with sex drive a ton as well
CodyBrown said May 21, 2015 01:25:03
Bostin thanks. Yeah I figured hcg would be the best for after a cycle. I probably will use it next time. I did not get it after my cycle because there is no way I could keep it hidden from the rents since it needs to be kept cold once opened. How hcg are you using Bostin?
CodyBrown said May 21, 2015 01:25:35
how much*
BostinLoyd said May 28, 2015 23:50:41
I was on hcg during my off cycle this time... 1000 iu eod for 3 weeks...
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