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Need help quick

posted May 30, 2015 23:01:22 by ShiestDog
So I'm dieting down right now and I usually work the day shift so I've had 5 out of 6 meals that I usually eat today. The problem is I've been called into work tonight so when I'm normally sleeping I'll be now working. Do I continue to eat every 2-1/2 - 3 hrs though the night? That would put my way over my caloric intake for the day. Any help quickly would be really helpful
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NickCotton said May 31, 2015 02:17:58
No don't eat through the night
BostinLoyd said Jun 01, 2015 03:07:24
if ur up be eating..... just protein tho.. no added fats or carbs.....
ShiestDog said Jun 01, 2015 03:15:10
Thanks. Last night I stretched out 2 meals over 8 hrs but just protein and fats. Tonight I'll do just protein until me sleep schedule is on track
TomCooze said Jun 01, 2015 04:34:13
This is the story of my life... Work in a bar til 5am 3-4 nights a week
BostinLoyd said Jun 05, 2015 23:28:09
Ya if ur up still just do protein it will spike metabolism as well
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