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2nd Cycle for OFF SEASON

posted Jun 22, 2015 10:37:12 by JiamingKhing
hi bostin, i'm thinking of doing a 2nd cycle for mass gaining off season.
My first cycle was pre contest 7weeks out :
Test Prop (week 1-3 100mgs eod , week 4-7 150mgs EOD), Winstrol (50mgs eod for 6 weeks) . Anavar 60-70mgs ED 7 weeks.
I did my PCT with 250iu HCG EOD with the entire vial of 5000iu HCG so it lasted for about 2.5weeks with clomid 100 ED for week 1-2 and tapering down to 50 for last 2 weeks. PCT Was 4 weeks. I'm thinking of starting of a new cycle for off season after 8-10weeks of rest (not including PCT) . My off season cycle would be with test E and EQ

Week 1-5 Test E 375mgs , 300mgs EQ , 0.5mg ADEX EOD
Week 6-12 Test E 500mgs, 400mgs EQ , 05 ADEX EOD
Week 12-14 Test Prop 150mgs EOD , 0.5 ADEX EOD
followed by the same PCT i did for my first cycle.
My question is my rest time sufficient to start a new cycle and Is my off season cycle good enough? I'm a mens physique competitor. I was thinking of doing a SUST 250 only or SUST 250 X EQ but let me know your suggestions. Thanks Bostin
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BostinLoyd said Jun 24, 2015 06:10:15
Ya man ur perfectly fine to start back up....

Just do 500 test e and 400 eq a week.... and .5 mg adex eod.. combined with lots of clean food ull put on very good weight...
JiamingKhing said Jul 07, 2015 14:35:56
Hey bostin , so what would you recommend for PCT? HCG + clomid ? Dosage wise for a 12 week cycle?
my pct protocol was 250IU EOD For 2.5 weeks (5000IU in total) followed by 100ED clomid week 1-2 , 50mg ED week 3-4 . Is it ok? How long should i take time off excluding pct before i can start a new one?
Would you recommend leaning down (cutting) after ifinished that cycle to avoid getting too fat? Or should i keep the off season going cause i'll lose more size cuz im off gear + dieting. My next contest would be 2016 April
Thanks , really need help on this!
BostinLoyd said Jul 09, 2015 00:57:19
i have a pct video in my video section man it will explain all ur questions for u
JiamingKhing said Jul 09, 2015 15:18:48
But do you recommend dieting and get lean after i go off the bulking cycle and PCT and if so how should i do it ? Like right away i get off or after 4 week pct?
BostinLoyd said Jul 23, 2015 08:34:12
it really all depends on ur personal goals man in all honesty.. id def hire someone knowledgable to guide u thru the process
gator7 said Jul 23, 2015 21:53:48
I like this cycle man, try it out.I personally take low doses and get good results, maybe you do to. You have to experiment to see what works for you. But if you are competing and serious maybe you should take Bostin's advice and have some one help you out.
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