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posted Jun 28, 2015 15:41:57 by Big45
Hi everyone. I'm a new member here and just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 45 years young and have been in and out of the bodybuilding scene since I was 16. I have just started my first cycle ever of Test-E 250. Any advice, tips or just general rants/raves would be great. Hope to hear from some of you.
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Recon19D said Jul 04, 2015 07:08:09
Test e 250 how often? Adult males make between 250-300 mgs per week. Anything you take shuts that production down and replaces it so you should take a lot more per week to change anhthing or to even replace what you would be making naturally. Like take 1.5 ml's of test e 250 twice per week monday/thursday (750/week)
BostinLoyd said Jul 09, 2015 00:55:26
how many mgs a week? just 250?
Tanner simpson said Jul 14, 2015 18:25:56
For your fist cycle start at 500mg to 750 per week
BostinLoyd said Jul 23, 2015 08:29:49
yes agreed at least 500 mgs on ur first cycle
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